Delay of the 2nd order and recall of defective product


Hello. This is Sweet Gale.
I apologize for this delay of the 2nd order.
The casting factory informed that they’ll delay Sweet Gale dolls.
The 2nd orders were supposed to be shipped in around the middle of February
but the plans have been put on hold because there were also the Lunar New Year in Korea.
The pale skin orders were arrived in February 2nd, now they are almost ready to be sent.
The normal skin orders will be arrived in next week.
The first shipping of the 2nd order also will be begun in next week and all shipping will be sent before March 8th.
Again, I apologize the delay and the inconvenience. T.T


Sweet Gale found an issue that some of the 1st order has been sticky by acrylic thinner.
If your head has the same issue, please contact me!!
I’ll try to exchange your head for a new head asap.