Sweet Gale dolls clothes size

Most of 60cm(about 23 2/3″) BJD size clothes are a good fit.
If you’d like to know Sweet Gale doll size, please visit here.

Resin and size matches of the other companies

Sweet Gale has no BJD of the other companies so cannot provide the resin and size matches.

Sweet Gale dolls that will be released in future

Sweet Gale has received lots of enquiries about information for releases of Sweet Gale dolls which will be released in future.
For example, “Is the doll which will be released soon limited edition or standard edition?”, “When will it be released?”.
But it’s difficult questions to answer. Sweet Gale will always let you know if the doll is limited edition or standard edition when leave a notice.
Please check a notice article about dolls when Sweet Gale releases a doll. Thank you.

Sweet Gale Limited Edition dolls that are closed for sale

I am positive about reissuing the limited products. But we don’t give you an answer about the time and the product type before we make a notice.I am afraid that re-releasing about the
And therefore, I can’t answer exactly when you ask me this things.
If the LE dolls were re-releasing, Sweet Gale will leave a notice article.

Wig size of Sweet Gale doll heads

All Sweet Gale doll heads wear 9 inch wigs.

Faceup service

If you can see faceup option or item in shop, you can order faceup service.
But if you cannot, the faceup service is temporarily stopped.

Items in promotion/gallery pictures

Most items in promotion/gallery photos are customized.
And questions about the location of the dealer or items names are really difficult question to answer
because there were too many items that I cannot remember the names and some items were second-hand.

Precautions when using the makeup remover

When you remove the doll’s makeup,
remove it as quickly as possible by a MR.HOBBY lacquer thinner. ([MR.HOBBY] Mr.Color Thinner)
(Although you use the ‘MR.HOBBY Thinner’,
if you put the doll head in the thinner for long or
if you use the industrial thinner not the’ MR.HOBBY Thinner’, a problem like discoloration or inferior surface can happen due to the poisonous thinner ingredient.)
Please don’t use ‘rember’ and ‘nail acetone’ which are a kinds of remover because they can cause a problem like inferior surface and discoloration.  


SWEET GALE Dolls price

[61 Assembled doll: $530] – [61 Head parts : $150] – [27 Assembled doll :$ 220] – [27 Head parts : $85] – [27Body prats : $150]   .

Do you accept heads of other companies for faceup?

No, Sweet Gale does not accept heads of other companies for faceup.

My order was canceled

If you didn’t make a payment within 3 days from the order date, your order will be canceled.
If this rule does not apply to you or you want to delay the payment for a few days, let me know through Contact me or email.

Can I cancel my order?

If you didn’t send a payment yet, you can cancel your order.
But if you already sent a payment, you cannot cancel your order. Because all Sweet Gale dolls are pre-order.

Can I change my order?

If you didn’t make a payment yet, yes you can but you have to submit new changed order directly again.
If you already sent your payment, no you can’t. Because all Sweet Gale dolls are pre-order.


Payment method

Sweet Gale accepts wire transfer and Paypal.
Most people send a payment through Paypal. But if you want to send your payment through a bank, please contact with Sweet Gale by email.

Do you accept a layaway?

Sweet Gale temporary stops receiving layaway.

What currency do you accept?

Sweet Gale, basically, accepts United States dollars, Korean Won.
And if you send a payment through Paypal, Paypal will change your currency into dollars. Wire transfer is the same as well.


Can I choose the shipping date?

No, you cannot. Sweet gale sends the packages in order of the payment arrival.

Can I change my shipping address?

Basically, Sweet Gale doesn’t accept change address except moving house or misspelling. In this case, you cannot change your name.
In another case, if you want to change address, you have to submit new order directly.

I received a wrong item

Please conatct Sweet Gale with pictures relating to the wrong tiem.

Is my order more priority than someone? Let me know that.

Sweet gale sends the packages in order of the payment arrival through EMS.
If you want to know yours is more priority than someone, you have to ask her/his permission first.

When will my doll be shipped?

Please allow 50~60 business days for delivery of the heads and allow 80~90 business days for delivery of the assembled dolls.


Return and exchange policy

Return/exchange depend on the causes of the defect and method of the return/exchange also depends on the causes of the defect.
If you receive a doll that has a defect, you must contact Sweet Gale with pictures relating to the defect within 7 days.
But Sweet Gale dosen’t accept a return/exchange by your change of mind.

Old version 58cm body exchange service with cost

If you purchased a old version 58cm body at the very beginning, you can use this service.
Please send the 58cm body and the certificate, Sweet Gale will send you a new 60cm body for USD 230.00.
The one-way shipping cost will be charged by Sweet Gale.

Sweet Gale dolls exchange service with cost

When you have a certificate, you can use this service only twice within the head and hands parts.
The head you’d like to exchange should be identical with the type name on the certificate.
In the case of the head, Limited Edition exchange is also possible.

61cm head – $135 ㅣ 27cm head -$69

and etc

I found damages on my second-hand Sweet Gale doll

Sweet Gale do not intervene in individual dealing with the second-hand dolls.

Is there any special event?

If there were any special event, Sweet Gale will leave a notice article in Notice.

Do you have any plan to make other size dolls except 1/3?

Please refer to here for Sweet Gale dolls which will be released in future.
If other size dolls were releasing, I will leave a notice article in this website.

How long will it take to receive my reply?

Sweet gale will respond to a inquiry within 72 hours.
If you didn’t receive a reply within 72 hours, please send your email again. Sometimes email accounts fail to receive some emails.

What was the total number of Sweet Gale dolls sold?

The total number of Sweet Gale dolls are closed to the public.
Sweet Gale hopes you understand.

Let me know your business and period of growth

I am so sorry but I can provide only Sweet Gale doll information like doll specifics, shipping, payment etc.
I cannot provide all business like professional secret things and my privacy and also cannot resolve your concerns over future. I hope you understand.
If you want to get a dealership, please contact me by email.