Order Notice for 2020

Hellow *^^*   I would like to give you a notice. ** Re-release Limited edition We plan to re-release limited edition of the dolls, which many people wanted to have, in 2020 again.(Or it may be released at the end of December 2019.) We are renewing 61-Body. So we will sell only 61-Head parts in…

June, August pre- order

Hello*^^* We would like to inform you of our pre-order. ★★★Pre-order period ★★★ 2019.6.29 , 17:00 Seoul time(KST) ~ 2019.7.5 , 21:00 Seoul time(KST) 2019.8. 8 , 17:00 Seoul time(KST) ~ 2019.8.14 , 21:00 Seoul time(KST) The period for the pre-order is between June 29 and July 5. The payment should be done by July 8….

We would like to notify you of our stock sales.

We would like to notify you of our stock sales. There was a mistake in calculating the orders last December. As a result, we had some stocks. So we would like to sell the stocks. The stock sales will be on 5pm May 6. It would be appreciated if you are interested in the sales….

NOKSU IS RELEASED. and Nov, Dec Pre-orders.

 Hello, Dear *^^* We are glad to announce the opening for November & December orders. we will take orders for ’27cm doll’ and ’61cm Only head Parts’ from November 2nd to November 9th & December 14th to December 19th (Korea Time) (We are sorry we cannot take orders on 61cm full set, 61cm bodies) ★Pre-order period ★ 2018.11.2…

April Pre-orders.

Hello,  We are glad to announce the opening for April orders. First of all, we’d like to extend our heart-felt apology to our valuable customers for the long  period of order closure. At this point, the doll bodies are not available for order. But we will take orders for Only head Parts from April 28th to May 5th. (We are…