June, August pre- order


We would like to inform you of our pre-order.

Pre-order period 

2019.6.29 , 17:00 Seoul time(KST) ~ 2019.7.5 , 21:00 Seoul time(KST)

2019.8. 8 , 17:00 Seoul time(KST) ~ 2019.8.14 , 21:00 Seoul time(KST)

The period for the pre-order is between June 29 and July 5.

The payment should be done by July 8.

The period for the next pre-order is between August 8 and August 14.

The payment for this order should be done by August 17.

★The following is the list of doll 61cm head Parts and 27cm dolls open for ordering.★

Standard Edition 


 Wayne /  Simon /   Jayne /  Kai /  Teddy 


 Robin /  Hoya /  Noksu / 27바디 27Body

We would like to give you some notices in the following.


We receive orders only for standard head.

We are renewing the body parts. We will try to get orders in the end of 2020 or 2021.

We are really sorry for people who have been waiting for them.

We are also working on 43cm doll.

We are working hard to manufacture it soon. The size of “Gyeongbok” that we are working on is 43cm. 


The name is engraved inside of the face.

These are produced together with the previous heads until the copied mold is consumed.

The foot part is a little revised. There is not big change in the appearance. 

We are preparing the new product “Mika”.

If the test product of “Mika” doesn’t arrive before the pre-order on June, we will get the pre-order on August.

Thank you.

We would like to notify you of our stock sales.

We would like to notify you of our stock sales.

There was a mistake in calculating the orders last December. As a result, we had some stocks. So we would like to sell the stocks.

The stock sales will be on 5pm May 6. It would be appreciated if you are interested in the sales. (Seoul time(KST))

They are produced for the December order. As they were produced in recent days,

there wouldn’t be any changes in the price.

The dolls are below:


Hoya head parts – 2 (Yellow Normal skin)

Robin head parts – 1(Yellow Normal skin)

Noksu head parts – 1(White Peach skin)

NOKSU IS RELEASED. and Nov, Dec Pre-orders.

 Hello, Dear *^^*

We are glad to announce the opening for November & December orders.

we will take orders for ’27cm doll’ and ’61cm Only head Parts’ from November 2nd to November 9th & December 14th to December 19th (Korea Time)

(We are sorry we cannot take orders on 61cm full set, 61cm bodies)

Pre-order period 

2018.11.2 , 17:00 Seoul time(KST) ~ 2018.11.9 , 21:00 Seoul time(KST)

2018.12.14 , 17:00 Seoul time(KST) ~ 2018.12.19 , 21:00 Seoul time(KST)


 The following is the list of doll open for ordering.

 Standard Edition 

 61cm(Only head Parts) 

( 61 head parts O / 61 Assembled doll X / 61 Body parts X )

 Wayne / Simon / Jayne / Kai /  Teddy  

27cm ( 27 head parts O / 27 Assembled doll O / 27 Body partsO )

 Robin /  Hoya  /  Noksu  /  27cm Body

cat ear Parts.

※ Noksu is New released.(Standard Edition)


Once again, please accept our sincere apology for not being able to respond promptly to those 

who have been waiting to order the 61cm full set or the 61cm bodies of our dolls.

April Pre-orders.


We are glad to announce the opening for April orders.

First of all, we’d like to extend our heart-felt apology to our valuable customers for the long 

period of order closure.

At this point, the doll bodies are not available for order.

But we will take orders for Only head Parts from April 28th to May 5th.

(We are sorry we cannot take orders on bodies)

The order-taking begins at 5 pm April 28th(Saturday) and closes at 10 pm May 5th.(Korea Time)

Pre-order period 

2018.4.28 , 17:00 Seoul time(KST) ~ 2018.5.5 , 21:00 Seoul time(KST)


 The following is the list of doll head Parts open for ordering.

 Standard Edition 


 Wayne / Simon / Jayne / Kai /  Teddy  


 Robin /  Hoya 

New product to be released: cat ear Parts.

Before the official launching of “cat ear Parts” for sizes L and M, we will show up their 

prototypes and offer discounted price and we appreciate your interest in advance.

L-size: $27  ->$22

M-size: $26 ->$21


Once again, please accept our sincere apology for not being able to respond promptly to those 

who have been waiting to order the full set or the bodies of our dolls.

Notice about the imitation doll

I  am receiving inquiries about illegal reproduction sale and imitation from international customers so we post the notice.

sweetgale receives the order only during the order period.
If there is a place which always sells the doll of which order period ends, it is the place which sells the illegally reproduced dolls not the formal order of sweetgale.
Please don’t make a situation that they buy not-genuine dolls and sell them constantly.
Also, sweetgale doesn’t do outsourcing work of another firm besides this firm.
If you saw a doll which looks similar to the doll released by sweetgale, it is the doll not made by sweetgale. but (it is) made by that person/that firm which is selling. It is the doll irrelevant to sweetgale.
Since the launch of Sweetgale, the sculptor of Sweetgale has been making only original Sweetgale dolls and never took outsourcing jobs from other companies.
Also other sculptors except the first one have never worked for Sweetgale.

I am planning to re-release the limited goods for existing owners and new customers to feel satisfied because we want to prevent the customers from buying the illegal reproductions and imitations as the alternative to honest goods because they cannot find the genuine dolls.
But we don’t give an exact answer to the questions about re-release until before the notice is posted, so please understand this.
Many doll firms are highly damaged due to the illegal productions.
If you really like the dolls by those firms, please don’t buy dolls from illegal sellers.

I always thankful for your concern and love.