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미백 헤드에 배송비가 500원이 더 추가되어 4000원으로 책정된걸 발견하였습니다.
입금전 주문자님들께서는 헤드파츠만의 주문일시 배송비 3500원을 입금하여주세요.
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Meloni is released

Hello. This is Sweet Gale.
Pre-orders are reopen now and let you know some changes.

  • New limited edition Meloni is released! Sweet gale receives Meloni pre-order twice.
  • 1st order period: 2014.10.21 17:00 Seoul time(KST)~2014.10.27 21:00 Seoul time(KST)
  • 2nd order period: 2014.11.21 17:00 Seoul time(KST)~2014.11.27 21:00 Seoul time(KST)
  • Sweet Gale will no longer support specified date by purchaser and changing address on processing order. Please refer to FAQ.
  • Sweet Gale temporarily stops faceup service and will let you know as soon as this service becomes available.
  • Website contents are not yet filled all but will be soon.
  • This website built by English but some pages support Korean. The translation button is at the upper right corner of the website.
  • When you order dolls in Korea, please read this page.
    • Sweet Gale temporarily stops layaway service and will let you know as soon as this service becomes available.

Thanks for reading!

Notice for delay of pale skin orders(Mar 17th~18th)

Sweet Gale discovered that pale skin bodies which have been ordered on Mar 17th~18th have some badness. ;_;
Some bodies are casting again now. The bodies which Sweet Gale have already sent are going to be recalled and reviewed.
Sweet gale have sent notice emails to the orderer, and apologizes for the inconvenience.
Thank you.

This issue was solved. Thank you.