Order Notice for 2020


Hellow *^^*


I would like to give you a notice.

** Re-release Limited edition

We plan to re-release limited edition of the dolls, which many people wanted to have, in 2020 again.(Or it may be released at the end of December 2019.)

We are renewing 61-Body. So we will sell only 61-Head parts in 2020.

Please be noticed that we don’t get the orders for 61-Body.

You might be the most interested in the resale of the head. We will let you know before we release it.

Before that, we don’t give you an answer about the time and the product type before we make a notice


**SWEET GALE 27size dolls

We can get the orders for head parts of 27 size only or we may not be able to get the orders. So please be noticed.


**Can’t request skin color change

Please be noticed that you can’t change the white peach skin to pale skin from the next orders..


Thank you for your interest in SWEET GALE dolls.