‘SWEET GALE’ Releasing the dolls ‘Danny’&’Cyril(Human)’ to celebrate the 9th anniversary(Change preorder period)


We have 9th anniversary in 2020 since we established our company.
We appreciate your love and encouragement toward us.
We would like to notify you of the release of our products for the 9th anniversary as shown in below.

* A person can purchase maximum of 2 pieces.
* There are only white-peach skin color products on sale.
* Orders that exceed the limited quantity will be canceled.
* If there too many orders, it will be closed soon.

★ Release for the first half of the 2020 year
Pre-order period 

◈The order schedule has been changed.
The preorder that was scheduled to be between March 12 and March 14 is changed to March 19 and March 23.

The payment should be transferred by 24:00 March 24. We are really sorry for the schedule change.

pre-order period: 2020.3.19 17:00 Seoul time(KST)~2020.3.23 21:00 Seoul time(KST)

2020.3.12 17:00 Seoul time(KST)~2020.3.14 21:00 Seoul time(KST)

The payment for this order should be done by March 16.

★ Release for the last half of the 2020 year


Pre-order period 

(We will let you know the release date when it is determined.)

※We have repaired the website from January 28 to February 24. We update the website and recovered the system repeatedly

during the period. If you became a member during the period, please confirm if you really became a member after

logging in the website.
If you are a subscriber of the newsletter, just ask us if you are registered. Then we will give you an answer.